Firefighters charged with breaching Disaster Risk Management Act, freed

The two firefighters who were charged last month with alleged breaches of the Disaster Risk Management Act were freed Tuesday when they appeared before the Kingston Parish Court. 
Sergeant Clinford Elvin and Shanice Powell were among 18 people charged on May 2 after the police went to a property on Orange Street where loud music was playing. 
It was reported that the police found persons at a party during the curfew.
Peter Champagnie and Samoi Campbell, the attorneys for the two firefighters, told the court that the property where the party was being held is close to the York Park fire station.
They said the two firefighters were on duty and therefore fell into the category of persons exempted under the Disaster Risk Management Act. 
The court heard that Mr. Elvin, who was reportedly heading to work, stopped by the property to pick up Ms Powell. 
Two other individuals, Kerri-Ann Wilson and Kevin Wilson, who were also charged with breaching the Disaster Risk Management Act, on Tuesday pleaded guilty to the offence.
They are scheduled to be sentenced on July 23.
The other 14 people are also booked to return to court on that date.

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