Gang violence declines in Haiti amid rise of vigilante group

A human rights group in Haiti says violence by armed gangs has declined significantly following the emergence of a vigilante group, known as Bwa Kale, in April.
The human rights organisation says the vigilante group, linked to at least 160 killings in April, started after residents in Port-au-Prince lynched and set fire to more than a dozen suspected gang members on April 24.
The activities of Bwa Kale have reportedly resulted in no kidnappings taking place from April 24 to May 24, while 43 gang-linked slayings occurred during the same period.
Some 146 gang murders were recorded between April 1 and April 23.
The human rights organisation says the vigilante group is mainly made up of young people, including some children, and likely emerged from the extreme cruelty inflicted by gangs, the ineffectiveness of the government, police and army and lack of international action.

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