Gov't chastised for offer to assist Jamaican students in Ukraine

There has been a social media backlash to the Government of Jamaica's handling of the concerns of Jamaican students in Ukraine.
A few Jamaicans have been tweeting their displeasure of the offer of a loan for airfare to students to leave the country, saying the government could have absorbed the cost.
Some Jamaican students studying in Ukraine say they did not accept the help offered by the Andrew Holness administration because doing so could mean they would be unable to afford to continue their education.
Minister of Foreign Affairs Senator Kamina Johnson Smith on Wednesday said the offer had been rejected by at least seven students.
But Mrs Johnson Smith argued that far better resourced countries such as the US also offered loans to its citizens.
Earlier on Thursday, Radio Jamaica News made contact with one of the Jamaicans in Ukraine, who said he was shaken up but safe.
He said he was trying to get to Poland but was unable to do so, as the trains were not working and there is a pile up of traffic.
The Gleaner reported that several of the Jamaican students who remain in Ukraine have left their homes and are now in a bomb shelter.

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