Guyana: Former government minister released on bail amid sexual assault probe

Former government minister in Guyana, Nigel Dharamlall, is due to return to police station on Wednesday, as investigations continue into allegations that he sexually assaulted a woman.
Dharamlall, who was released on bail Tuesday, had earlier surrendered to the police for questioning in relation to the allegations.
The executive member of the ruling People's Progressive Party has repeatedly denied the allegations, which was made by Sarah Hakh, a former employee of the Local Government Ministry.
Dharamlall, who had been accused in 2023 by a 16-year-old school girl of sexual assault, said in a statement that "from the outset, I wish to categorically and most vehemently deny each and every one of the allegations".
In July last year, police said that the 16-year-old schoolgirl who had accused the former local government minister of rape had said she no longer wanted to pursue the matter.
The former local government minister was questioned for several hours on Tuesday by investigators as part of standard procedures.

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