Holness says PNP treating local gov't campaign like parliamentary election

JLP Leader and Prime Minister Andrew Holness
By Clinton McGregor    
Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Leader, Prime Minister Andrew Holness, has accused the opposition People's National Party of elevating the campaign for the Local Government Election to that of a Parliamentary Election.
"This is not a general election, but 'such man' has converted this into a general election. I don't understand that political calculus because local government election should stand on its own. But having converted it, where we are filling the town square of Port Antonio for a local government election, it is quite obvious that that was a miscalculation. Who tell him fi guh trouble Labour Party ants nest?" Mr. Holness asserted.    
The JLP leader, who was campaigning in Portland on Monday night, said that policy changes are coming to the management of local government in Jamaica.
He said he has been paying attention to how Jamaicans perceive local government and the visibility of councillors based on the results of recent polls, including the RJRGLEANER Communications Group commissioned Don Anderson polls.
Mr. Holness said campaigning for the February 26 Local Government Election has also given him the opportunity to better understand the problems in local governance.
Members of the public have painted a dismal picture of the stewardship of Municipal Corporations on the issues of parochial roads, drain upkeep, street light maintenance, markets, water quality and cemeteries.

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