HRMAJ offers its code of ethics in wake of Petrojam scandal

The Human Resource Management Association of Jamaica (HRMAJ) has expressed disappointment in the breakdown of governance at  the state-run oil refinery Petrojam and has said the Association's Code of Ethics for Professional Conduct should be used as part of the oversight of governance by boards. 
This code was developed in 2010 and provides guidance to boards and CEO's on human resource practices and functions. 
It said these best practices will mitigate the risks of weaknesses in required checks and balances which appear to have taken place at Petrojam.
The group added that recruitment guidelines would be approved by the board, and appropriate systems put in place by the CEO, to ensure transparency, as well as board review of executive leadership performance. 
Meanwhile, the HRMAJ has offered its services and expertise to the Prime Minister and the Strategic Review Committee at Petrojam.
It said this is to ensure that Petrojam benefits from a broad sweep of  human resource professional experience in the review. 

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