Judge in 'Beachy Stout' trial tells jurors to analyse evidence objectively

By Racquel Porter    
The presiding judge in the trial of Portland businessman Everton 'Beachy Stout' McDonald and Oscar Barnes on Tuesday directed the panel of jurors to objectively analyse the evidence.
Justice Chester Stamp began summing up the case Tuesday and is expected to continue on Wednesday.
But before Tuesday's adjournment, the panel of seven jurors was told to use their independent views, knowledge, experience of everyday life, culture, and common sense to arrive at a verdict.
Justice Stamp further instructed the jurors that when considering each witness's evidence, they should form their judgment.
He also instructed the jury to exercise common sense if they found the defence attorneys' speech sensible.
Last week Mr. McDonald's legal team of five attorneys reminded the jurors that Denvalyn Minott is serving 19 years for the murder of Tonia McDonald.
The defence also reminded the panel that Minott, during his testimony in court, said he had sex with Tonia.
The prosecution, during the trial which spanned more than five months, told the jury last week that Mr. McDonald orchestrated his wife's murder because he believed she was cheating on him.
Directing the jurors, Justice Stamp said this aspect of the evidence is relevant.
Tonia was killed on July 20, 2020, along Sherwood Forrest main road in Portland.
The judge urged the jurors not to guess or speculate about anything that was not covered in the trial, adding that the evidence against each man has to be considered and reviewed separately.
He also told jurors they are entitled to draw inferences from the facts.

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