Manchester farmer bemoans loss of cow to praedial thieves

Paul Sherwood, a cattle farmer in New Green, Manchester
By Prince Moore 
Praedial thieves struck in Martins Hill, New Green, Manchester on Wednesday morning, but were forced to abandon the prized bull they slaughtered, after residents raised an alarm.
Paul Sherwood, a cattle farmer, said he was alerted by a resident who saw suspicious activities just before day-break.
The police responded, but the thieves escaped.
Mr. Sherwood said they made off with a portion of the meat. 
"When I came, I saw the belly there. I saw half of the cow left right at the roadside at the wall where they took up the rest of it," he said, noting that the thieves apparently hurried away before the police arrived. 
"Right now, I going have to try to burn the belly and dispose of the rest of it, and it's a big loss for me. That cow value quite a bit of money; I had that cow for about five years now," he lamented. 
President of the Manchester branch of the Jamaica Agricultural Society, Jones Oliphant, said discussions are ongoing with the police to address the problem of praedial larceny.
Mr. Oliphant said many farmers are opting out of the profession because of losses to praedial larceny.

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