'Not linked to politics': Police refute claims following August Town shooting

Senior Superintendent Marlon Nesbeth, head of the St. Andrew Central Police, and the aunt of wounded man Jermaine O'Meally
By Racquel Porter/Clinton McGregor  
Commanding Officer for St. Andrew Central Senior Superintendent Marlon Nesbeth has refuted claims that the shooting and injuring of August Town resident Jermaine O'Meally on Wednesday is related to politics.
Mr. O'Meally was shot and wounded during a special police operation in an area known as Africa.
Reports are that he ran onto a premises after he saw the police.
The police say a glock two-nine pistol with magazine containing 10 rounds was found on the premises.
Residents mounted roadblocks on Thursday to protest the police shooting, challenging the police's version of the event and claiming that the police were in plain clothes and did not identify themselves.
But Mr. Nesbeth said Mr. O'Meally was a suspect in a murder investigation in the St. Andrew South Division last June and was also suspected in other incidents of crime. 
"It is also of note that some persons are tending to link this incident with political situations involving our own police officers in that space, saying they are aligned to one particular candidate and this may have been why they went into the area on the operation. This is not so. I must dispel this notion because the team of police who went there...are professional around their work and are not in any way aligned to political party," he insisted. 
The police and military are keeping a close watch on the area following the incident and the protest by residents.  
Mr. O'Meally is in hospital under police guard. 

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