NRSC wants efforts redoubled to prevent further road fatalities

Dr. Lucien Jones, Vice Chairman of the National Road Safety Council
By Nakinskie Robinson
Vice Chair of the National Road Safety Council (NRSC) Dr. Lucien Jones has said Jamaica is heading towards a disastrous 400 road fatalities in the last quarter of 2023.
As of September 30, Jamaica recorded 302 deaths due to traffic collisions.
This is a 16 per cent reduction when compared with the 448 road fatalities recorded for the similar period last year.  
Dr. Jones said the government and other stakeholders must urgently redouble efforts to prevent further road fatalities and not wait until the Christmas season. 
The National Road Safety Council, he said, is actively working to reduce road fatalities and reckless driving. 
"We have been seeking funding from the private sector and the government of Jamaica to launch a serious and sustained public education campaign involving one of our top athletes, to send a clear message to drivers and all road users to slow down, do not smoke marijuana and drive, don't text and drive," he disclosed. 
Dr. Jones lauded the efforts of the police to maintain compliance on the country's roads, nab traffic offenders and enforce traffic laws.
But he said the relevant authorities must increase road signage to further boost mitigation and enforcement efforts.

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