NWC stops overflow of sewage along Marcus Garvey Drive, promises long term solution

The National Water Commission [NWC] says it has undertaken remedial work to stop the overflow of sewage along Marcus Garvey Drive in Kingston.
The overflow was discovered on Monday.
NWC says the issue originated from the intrusion of debris, garbage and silt, which caused damage to the pumps at the site.  
It adds that the reduction in pumping capacity resulted in the overflow of wastewater along the network.   
The agency says more permanent work will be undertaken shortly, to both safeguard the system as well as to ensure the reliable conveyance of effluent.  
Among the permanent fixes will be the installation of new submersible pumps, valued at more than $25 Million, the design and installation of a customised screening system to prevent debris intrusion and safeguard pumps, and tracking of the network to identify and remove illegal connections and intrusion points.

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