PNP representative files report after billboards removed in Western St. Thomas

Anthony Scott, People's National Party constituency vice chairman in Western St. Thomas
By Kimone Witter    
People's National Party constituency vice chairman in Western Thomas, Anthony Scott, has filed a report with the police claiming that Jamaica Labour Party supporters were seen pulling down PNP billboards and flags.
Mr. Scott says the incident occurred about 7:30 Monday morning in the community of Pamphret in the White Horses Division in the presence of Member of Parliament for St. Thomas Western James Robertson. 
"This morning we were the polling station when the Member of Parliament and his supporters came, took down the flags. The cloths were up, the billboards were up with the candidate. They have their billboards up as well, and they took these and say they can't stay here," he alleged. 
He said he confronted the MP about the matter, telling him that the area was private property and that if someone wanted to place their symbol on the columns, he didn't see a problem. 
"They leave one and go down the road and come back. When they come back, his supporters come with the knife and ripped it off," the PNP candidate claimed. 
He said the matter has been reported to the police. 

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