Police Commissioner Dr. Carl Williams resigns

Police Commissioner Dr. Carl Williams, speaking Thursday on RJR's Beyond the Headlines with host Dionne Jackson Miller about his resignation

Police Commissioner Dr. Carl Williams has resigned, less than a week after he told RJR News his departure from the top police post was not imminent. His resignation is to take effect on January 6 next year.

The Ministry of National Security confirmed the resignation of Commissioner Williams in a statement on Thursday.

The ministry said Dr. Williams indicated his desire to retire from the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) from October 18, 2016. 
It said numerous efforts were made by members of the administration, the Police Services Commission, and the Minister of National Security to have the commissioner extend his service, however these efforts did not succeed. 
The Ministry of National Security said it respects the commissioner’s decision and acknowledges that he has one of the most difficult and stressful jobs. 
The ministry said Dr. Williams has given more than 30 years of service to the country. It acknowledged him as one of the finest public servants in Jamaica.

Personal reasons

Meanwhile, Commissioner Williams in his letter to the Police Service Commission (PSC) dated November 4 this year, said he decided to retire for personal reasons.
He told the Commission that it is provided for on the basis of his age and years of service.
He also indicated that he had communicated his decision to National Security Minister Robert Montague on October 18.
The commissioner said he joined the Jamaica Constabulary Force in February 1984 and has held the top post since September 2014.
He indicated that there are competent persons to continue the task and he will give his successor a comprehensive brief.
Commissioner Williams said he will also make himself available for consultation after he leaves office.


Dr. Carl Williams has had a tough time as Commissioner of Police with gang violence, the lottery scam and homicides rising.
There were some successes, but despite his academic and professional experience, Dr. Williams struggled to get a handle on what he described as one of the most difficult jobs.
Dr. Carl Williams became Commissioner of Police in September 2014 after succeeding Owen Ellington, whose shock resignation created the vacancy.
Dr. Williams had a tough act to follow, as serious crimes, including murder, had fallen dramatically under his predecessor.
Many said he was, perhaps, one of the most qualified to become the nation's top cop.

Williams holds a PhD in Criminal Justice from Sam Houston State University in Texas, USA. He held numerous supervisory and command positions at the station, division, area and portfolio levels within the force.
Prior to his appointment as Commissioner of Police, Dr. Williams was the founding director of the Major Organised Crime and Anti-corruption Agency (MOCA), and later, the Deputy Commissioner in charge of the Crime Portfolio.
But Dr. Williams never managed to get control of the rising crime figures.
By December 14, 2015, the first full year when he was in charge, the murder figures rose by 20 per cent to 1,207 up from 1,005 in 2014.
By early December 14 this year, the murder tally had already been surpassed, with 1270 persons being killed.
Homicides in St. James rose by approximately 25 per cent, while other western parishes also saw increases in homicides.

Acting commissioner to be appointed
In the meantime, the Ministry of National Security said the Police Service Commission will make an appointment of an acting commissioner for 90 days.
It said it will also be asking the PSC to re-examine the terms of engagement for the post of Commissioner of Police as the search begins for a suitable replacement.

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