Portland Municipal Corporation assessing losses from Musgrave Market fire

By Halshane Burke 
The Portland Municipal Corporation is yet to quantify the losses from the major fire at the Musgrave Market in Port Antonio.
Mayor of Port Antonio Paul Thompson has sought to assure affected vendors that they will receive assistance. 
"First, we have to do an assessment of the vendors that were affected, and when I say the vendors, I mean the registered vendors that were affected. So presently, we are doing an assessment so that we can decide the nature of help that can be given to them," he said. 
Still, he said the immediate focus is to get the market clean. 
"As soon as we get the market clean, my plan is to have the vendors in the market in a temporary area. So we’d have to get some temporary stalls for them so that they can start selling again." 
A vendor who spoke with Radio Jamaica News bemoaned his losses following the fire. 
The vendor, Desmond, said he lost millions of dollars worth shoes he had bought in time for the graduation season as well as back to school. 
"Mi deh a Buff Bay when dem call me, and by time me reach deh back, everything gone. Everything bun up. Burn up, burn up. Me nuh know how me feel. Me feel di worse way," he lamented. 
Investigators of the Jamaica Fire Brigade are still trying to determine the cause of the blaze, which destroyed 80 per cent of the market.

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