Portland residents get water relief

Senator Matthew Samuda, Minister with responsibility for Water
By Halshane Burke 
After a series of demonstrations by residents, several communities in Portland are receiving water in their pipes.
The residents mounted several roadblocks to protest against the lack of water in their communities and the negative effects of the work under the Southern Coastal Highway Improvement Project.
The work on the highway includes the replacement of old water pipes under the roadway.
Matthew Samuda, Minister with responsibility for Water, told Friday's sitting of the Senate that the area will have stronger and more consistent water supply. 
"A section of that highway would have impacted the area from Drapers all the way to Manchioneal, and there would have been particular issues with the implementation of that project in that area. I'm happy to report that as of today, the water now runs through those mains and we have connected back the laterals that would have come off of that system prior. So that's a major move forward in Portland," he declared. 
Mr. Samuda said the previous water pipes were more than 60 years old. Work to replace the pipes cost $800 million. 

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