PPV operators get 30% cut in renewal fees for a year; transport group pleased

Prime Minister Andrew Holness and TODSS President Egeton Newman
By Halshane Burke 
Public passenger vehicle (PPV) operators are to benefit from a reduction on licence renewal fees.
Prime Minister Andrew Holness announced in the House of Representatives on Thursday that the fees would be reduced by 30 per cent for a period of one year.
The Prime Minister said this incentive is to provide an opportunity for the operators to become regularised and avoid penalties. 
During this period, Mr. Holness said, the Ministry of Transport and Mining has been directed to establish and update their database of operators.
"It is important that while over 9,000 operators were able to benefit from the CARE programme to the tune of approximately $300 million, too many operators were not able to access the programme for a variety of reasons, including lack of registration or incomplete registration with the relevant authority at the relevant time," he noted.  
TODSS pleased
The Transport Operators Development Sustainable Services (TODSS) has welcomed the reduction of the renewal fees for PPV operators.
TODSS President Egeton Newman said the reduction will help relieve some of the financial burden on taxi and bus operators. 
But he also wants serious attention to be given to the development of a pension plan for transport operators. 

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