Several people detained in Trench Town operation

Residents in Trench Town
Several men were detained Friday when the security forces conducted operations in Trench Town, Kingston.
A 48-hour curfew was imposed on a section of the community on Thursday following a flare up in violence.
Senior Superintendent Michael Phipps, head of the Kingston West Police, told Radio Jamaica News that men suspected to be involved in the violence were detained for questioning.
Four people were shot, one fatally, during an attack in Trench Town on Wednesday night.
Residents of the community are calling for increased police presence in the area.
Radio Jamaica News visited the community on Friday and spoke with residents and business owners, who explained that more police presence would give residents a greater sense of security. 
"Them drop the barriers and dem nuh put no police beside it... With the police dem things better off, so we need them fi post pon di location and stay there," said one resident.  
They also expressed concern for their children who were not able to freely go to school or live without fear in the community.
The residents urged those behind the flare up in violence in the area to "find somewhere else (to) go."
"Right now, a joy we a deal with and love right now. The war thing a joking thing right now, cause right now you can't have peace without love." 

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