St. Ann father in custody following death of son

By Lloyd Hinds
A 59 year old St Ann-based mechanic is in custody for questioning in connection with the killing of his 14 year-old son.
The father was held by angry residents hours after his son was found dead with his head bashed in by a stone at his gate in Inverness, Alexandria, last night.
The boy has been identified as Cashwane Nevers.
It's reported that he left his home in Inverness to attend a wake in the community. His father went in search of him and found him at the event.
What happened next is unclear, but the teenager's body was later seen on the ground outside his gate sometime after 11 o'clock, with a wound to the head.
Angry residents went in search of the father and found him in another location in the community. He was later handed over to the police.
Video footage of the teen dancing and entertaining patrons at the wake has been circulating on social media.

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