Take steps to mitigate against cyberattacks, IT expert warns

IT consultant Christopher Reckford
By Warren Bertram   
IT consultant Christopher Reckford says when a company is the intended target of a cyberattack, there is little it can do prevent the attack.
Four days ago, financial institution Mayberry Investments was the victim of a cyberattack from a cybercrime group.
Mr. Reckford said while companies may not necessarily be able to prevent cyberattacks, they must put the necessary safeguards in place to mitigate the effects. 
"If somebody said they're coming for you, they're coming for you and you just have to make sure that your responses that you have in there are set up properly," he warned. 
The ransomware group had threatened to release private information if Mayberry did not pay a ransom.
In relation to companies paying ransoms when threatened with a cyberattack, Mr. Reckford said IT specialists have mixed views on the appropriate response.
He said the decision to pay or not would be determined by the level of protection that the respective company has in place.
"I believe that if you have your systems and everything set up in the organisation and your data is encrypted and all these various things that you have put in place, and then somebody breaks in and tries to steal something...generally, I'd say, don't pay," he advised. 
"Now, if you're in a situation where you're a hospital and none of your cybersecurity is up to date - nothing - you have no backup and you are caught off guard, yeah, you need to have some discussions with some people to make that decision. But in that scenario, you might have to pay something," said the IT consultant.  
He was a guest on Real Business on Power 106 on Thursday.

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