UCASE to meet with security guards about their employment status after April 1

UCASE President Vincent Morrison
By Halshane Burke 
The Union of Clerical Administrative and Supervisory Employees (UCASE) is to meet with security guards on Saturday to discuss their fate after the April 1 date for transition to employee status.
UCASE President Vincent Morrison has insisted that the government cannot leave the workers unprotected and at the mercy of the employers.
He said employers have been writing to the guards advising them that there will be changes to their terms of employment come April 1, to include being transferred to a new company.
Mr. Morrison said there is still some confusion as to the benefits, including vacation leave, due to the guards or whether their past service will be transferred when they are transitioned from independent contractors. 
"I am disappointed that the Labour Ministry has not stepped in, called both the guards and their representative, along with the marketing companies to explain the whole issue because you all know that when a company changes its name or it's sold to another company, the workers have rights; and one of those rights is the service they have provided to the company they are coming from," he asserted. 
Mr. Morrison said Saturday's meeting has been called to explain to the guards the legal position and what ought to pertain come April 1.

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