Usain Bolt hoping for speedy resolution to fraud matter at SSL

Usain Bolt
By Prince Moore 
Sprint legend Usain Bolt has broken his silence on the fraud at investment firm Stocks and Securities Limited (SSL) and his missing funds, revealing that the situation is stressful.
The Olympian was reportedly defrauded more than US$12 million invested in SSL.
Speaking with reporters on Friday following the launch of the Gibson McCook Relays in Kingston, Mr. Bolt said he is hoping for a speedy resolution to the issue but will "leave the matter in my lawyers' hands and just try to just focus on my family". 
Lawyers representing the former athlete sent a letter to SSL on January 16 demanding the return of Mr. Bolt's funds within 10 days.
The sprint champion was asked if he will proceed with a lawsuit if the management of SSL does not respond favourably to the demand for the return of his funds invested in the firm. 
"Well, it’s 10 days, so just give it time and you’ll see what will happen," he responded. 
His lawyers have said it is likely their client will have to file a lawsuit in a bid to recover the funds.

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