NY advocacy group moves to secure legal representation for immigrants facing deportation

A coalition of immigrant advocates, elected officials, partners and affected families has revealed that Caribbean and other asylum seekers continue to face deportation from the United States without prior legal representation.
The group has therefore announced  a "coordinated effort" aimed at supporting the Campaign for Access, Representation and Equity (CARE) for Immigrant Families.
Many of the asylum seekers arriving in New York from the southern border of the United States are nationals of Cuba, Haiti, Venezuela and Nicaragua.
The New York Immigration Coalition [NYIC], an umbrella organization of more than 200 immigrant groups in New York State, says the campaign is pushing for investments in holistic legal services and the passage of the Access to Representation Act  in the New York State Legislature.
Murad Awawdeh, NYIC's Executive Director,  told the Caribbean Media Corporation that, If enacted, this groundbreaking legislation would establish the first statewide right to legal representation for people facing deportation, who cannot afford attorneys.

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