T&T: More relaxed dress code coming for attendance at public offices

The Government of Trinidad & Tobago is introducing a new dress code for members of the public seeking to enter government buildings.
As of next month clients will be able to enter government offices wearing short pants, sleeveless clothing and slippers.
Public Administration Minister Allyson West says the new rules will be implemented by January 15, and the Ministry will embark on an education campaign to provide information about the new dress code for both public service employees and the wider population.
She however emphasised that shorts must be no shorter than mid-thigh.
Members of the public are currently not allowed to enter government buildings while dressed in sleeveless clothing, shorts or slippers.
In the vicinity of licensing offices, both in Caroni and Port of Spain, there are businesses that offer rentals of long pants for men and jackets and shawls for women to enter the offices.

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