Another roadblock for CWI over implementation of Wehby Report

Voices of Wilford "Billy" Heaven and Don Wehby

Another road block has been met by Cricket West Indies with the implementation of recommendations from the Wehby Governance Report following the latest Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Based on Radio Jamaica Sports sources, three boards rejected recommendations tabled on the weekend in what they described as deviation from the recommendations.

In the report tabled by Senator Don Wehby in July 2020,  the report recommended a downsizing of the board of directors from 18 to 12, a reduction of the board committees from 12 to five and a redefining of the roles of president and vice-president.

Several territorial boards objected to the implementation of some of the changes, which Wehby has taken issue with. 

Meanwhile, President of the Jamaica Cricket Association (JCA), Wilford “Billy” Heaven who was in attendance at the AGM, said while he’s all for governance reform, loose agreements will not be his domain, especially with reports that Jamaica was one of the boards to block the implementation of some recommendations.
Heaven is adamant that there are bigger problems which need to be resolved in order to improve the governance structure of the game regionally. The Wehby Report is the fourth in the last 15 years for the regional game.



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