Bolt breaks silence on SSL fraud case

Report by RJRGLEANER Communications Group Sports Reporter Kayon Raynor

8-time Olympic champion Usain Bolt says he is taking his lawyer's advice but is just as concerned as everyone else after being caught up in a US multi-million dollar fraud scheme at local investment company Stocks and Securities Limited (SSSL).

In his first public comments since news broke, the world's fastest man struck a resilient tone.

The 36 year old says he has drawn on the mental toughness he learned throughout his illustrious career to help him navigate the stresses of his current plight.

Bolt also confirmed that the separation from his former long time business manager Norman Peart was not amicable, noting that Peart was infact fired.  

Bolt was speaking at Friday’s launch of the Gibson McCook Relays where he will be the patron for this year's event.



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