JRC makes further adjustments to new whip rule

Report by RJRGLEANER Group Sports Reporter Denise Walters

The Jamaica Racing Commission (JRC) has made some adjustments to the implementation of the new whip rule following pushback from stakeholders.There is still no more than 10 strikes allowable per race; however there is a change made to the number of times the whip can be used in the last 2 furlongs.

Jockeys are now allowed to apply 8 strikes in the last two furlongs, up from 6. A first offence warrants a warning, while a second will incur a fine of $5,000.

The third offence will attract a fine of $7,500 and for the fourth, the rider will go before the stewards for a hearing and after that will likely be fined and suspended. The new adjustments came into effect on June 22.



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