Attorney says limited options available to persons being evicted from Bernard Lodge lands

Attorney-at-law Kent Gammon
Attorney-at-law Kent Gammon has recommended specific, urgent action which must be taken by the residents near Clifton in Bernard Lodge, St. Catherine who are being evicted.
He explained that they made critical errors in their approach to the occupation of the lands, and now their options are limited. 
The eviction and demolition process began Thursday for about 30 structures illegally erected on Sugar Company of Jamaica (SCJ) lands.
The process was halted during the day and there is uncertainty about whether it will continue.
Mr. Gammon said a lot went wrong in how the persons came to occupy the lands, including that they did not establish the root of title to determine the owner of the land; they did not establish the seller's position with respect to the owner; and they did not double-check with SCJ to ensure the land was "free, clear and unencumbered". 
The attorney added that there is little the residents can do at this time, but they should try to meet with the SCJ to see if they can be assisted on a case-by-case basis or be relocated.

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