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Dexta Daps working on upcoming album 'VENT'

Dancehall singer Dexta Daps is using his quarantine time to work on his upcoming album tit

5:03 pm, Fri July 3, 2020

Walmart converting its store parking lots into drive-in movie theatres

Beginning in August, US retailer Walmart is converting 160 of its store parking lots into

5:01 pm, Fri July 3, 2020

Black anthem "Lift Ev'ry Voice and Sing" to be performed ahead of Week 1 NFL games

Lift Ev'ry Voice and Sing will reportedly be performed live or played before The Star-Span

4:59 pm, Fri July 3, 2020

Lila Ike releases music video for 'Forget Me'

In.digg.nation collective artiste Lila Ike on Thursday released the official music video f

6:34 pm, Thu July 2, 2020

NBA 2K21 pays tribute to Kobe Bryant with 'Mamba Forever Edition'

The NBA's most popular video game is honoring Kobe Bryant in a big way by making him a cov

6:25 pm, Thu July 2, 2020

Court documents reveal Meghan Markle felt "unprotected by the institution"

New court documents from Meghan Markle's legal battle with The Mail reveal she received a

6:23 pm, Thu July 2, 2020

Netflix to make series on Colin Kaepernick

Netflix is teaming up with Emmy Award-winning director Ava DuVernay to bring former NFL qu

6:20 pm, Wed July 1, 2020

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