Bain goes to court

Following weeks of silence over his controversial firing, retired university professor, Dr Brendan Bain, is now preparing to battle the University of the West Indies in court.

Lawyers representing Dr. Bain have filed an injunction in the Jamaican Supreme Court, seeking to restrain the University from removing him as Director of the Caribbean HIV/AIDS Regional Training Network (CHART) and the Caribbean Health Leadership Institute.

The lawsuit was filed on Wednesday and Dr. Bain is seeking to remain in the post pending the outcome of the application.

In the claim, a copy of  which was obtained by RJR News, Dr. Bain outlined fifteen grounds on which he's seeking the order.

Among them are that he was issued with a termination letter, even though his employer had expressed trust and confidence in him. It said the letter was issued on the basis of  a disagreement with expert testimony given by him by the Supreme Court of  Belize in 2012.

Dr. Bain argues that the disagreement was expressed by third parties and not his employers. He claims that the disagreement and consequent termination conflict with his right to freedom of  expression, thought and conscience.

Dr. Bain's dismissal sparked widespread public debate, resulting in several protests involving church and lobby groups which called for a reversal of  the University's decision.   



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