Civil servants set conditions for signing new compensation agreement

Two unresolved issues could delay the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between trade unions and the Ministry of Finance & the Public Service relating to the public sector compensation review. 
The Jamaica Civil Service Association, in a statement released on Monday evening, said more than 3,000 members participated in an online forum to consider a mandate for the union leadership in the negotiations.
It said 70 per cent of members approved the signing of the MoU, subject to certain conditions being met.
They want an appropriate and agreed mechanism to address the outstanding alignment issues affecting where ministries departments and agencies, groups and individuals fall in a 16 band structure.
The members also rejected the wholesale shifting of all officers to the minimum salary except for persons in receipt of seniority.
The JCSA members are encouraging the government to examine the proposal with a view to eliminating what they term the "unfairness and inequity that abound in the ministry's proposal".
The workers have given the Finance Ministry & the Pulic Service until midday Friday to respond favourably to their concerns.

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