Jamaican implicated in gun smuggling incident in Atlanta

A French national in Atlanta, Georgia has been arrested for attempting to smuggle eleven firearms which he says were purchased from a Jamaican man.
According to CBS46 News, the French man was held on Monday at Hartsfield Jackson-Atlanta International Airport.
The man, who is identified as Kenan L'Homme, was booked for a Delta Airlines flight to Saint Maarten.
He checked two pieces of luggage and Delta sent them for security screening. 
Security personnel allegedly found nine handguns.
It was discovered that Mr. L'Homme, who was in the U.S. on a non-immigrant visa, did not declare any firearms and does not possess a license to export firearms.
He reportedly told special agents he bought the firearms for US$2,500 from the Jamaican man who was selling the weapons out of the trunk of a vehicle in Newnan, Georgia. 
Mr. L'Homme said he was hoping to take the firearms to Saint Marten and sell for profit.

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