JCSA steps up call for amendments to Integrity Commission Act

Oneil Grant
President of the Jamaica Civil Service Association (JCSA) Oneil Grant has increased his agitation for amendments to the Integrity Commission Act, so there is greater protection for civil servants.
He is pushing for stiffer penalties for persons who induce or facilitate bribes with public officials.
Mr. Grant argues that the Act needs to give more penalties for persons who use their wealth and influence as well as participate in corrupt activities.
Speaking Tuesday on RJR's Beyond The Headlines, the JCSA president said, in its current state, the law is skewed against government workers so the changes would give the Act more balance. 
"If we are really going after corruption, it can't be one-sided, it can't be just looking at the public officer alonel, but it also needs to be able to get the teeth to go after the persons who are the traders of corruption; those persons who have the resources, the capital and the wherewithal to act corruptly." 
"The penalty that we see in the law for the public officer is up to $10 million and for the private individual, there was no mention in the law, from my reading of it, that the private individual can be fined under the law up to the same quantum that the public official is being fined," he contended. 
Mr. Grant also proposed there be a review of the number of years after civil servants retire that they must still submit reports to the Integrity Commission.
He argued that the current two years is unreasonable for certain categories of workers and "one year should suffice".  

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