JUTC extends special fare

A decision has been made to extend the J$100 dollar special fare for Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) adult passengers until December 31.   

JUTC Managing Director, Colin Campbell, says the extension will facilitate a review of  the SmarterCard and cash fares.

The State-run bus company will be conducting the examination based on a survey in progress and through its own systems to determine the possibility of  the $100  fare through its SmarterCard system and a separate cash fare. 

Campbell says 100 per cent of  JUTC Concession passengers have been using only SmarterCards since last year.

About 10 per cent of  the adult fare paying passengers use SmarterCards.

He said the company’s goal is to get the majority of  adult passengers using SmarterCards and a number of  incentives were considered at a retreat of  the JUTC Board of  Directors.

Prepaid SmarterCard launch

The  JUTC on Friday launched its Prepaid SmarterCard.

Commuters will be able to purchase the card at outlets in the Kingston Metropolitan Transport Region in the same way they buy telephone credit. 

The prepaid card can only be used for adult fares. 

Campbell says another part of  the company’s push to get commuters to use SmarterCards is increasing the number of  points of  sale that top-up of  cards may be done.

There are 81 points of sale.

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