One Don Gang trial adjourned until Monday

The One Don Gang trial has been adjourned until Monday in order for the attorneys representing five of the defendants to receive documents from the Horizon Adult Remand Centre and Spanish Town Police Station.
On Monday, the lawyers requested subpoenas to have the custody book at Spanish Town Police Station and the prisoner admission book at Horizon Adult Remand Centre for 2017 to 2019 presented in court as evidence.
Two other attorneys have indicated to the court that they will be calling character witnesses to support their client's defence.
Prior to Thursday's adjournment, Ricardo Thomas, who the trial heard was the driver for the gang and the bodyguard for alleged leader Andre "Blackman" Bryan, testified that he is unable to drive. 
Mr. Thomas is one of two defendants who gave sworn statements.
He also denied guarding Mr. Bryan or having a gun. 
Defendant Ted Prince, who the former don-turned-state witness told the court was involved in a murder, dismissed the allegation claiming he is a hard working shoemaker.
Mr. Prince insisted that the witness was making up stories.
Another defendant, 26-year-old Dylon McLean, while professing his innocence in the Home Circuit Court Thursday morning, denied the witness' testimony that he hid a sub-machine gun in his roof on Jones Avenue in Spanish Town, St. Catherine.
Mr. McLean also denied the main witness's evidence that he was the look-out for the gang and a bodyguard.

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