Police Federation, FLA to discuss issue of cops being denied gun permits

Corporal Rohan James
The Police Federation and the Firearm Licensing Authority (FLA) are to discuss the concern that police officers are being denied licences for personal guns.
Speaking Wednesday on the Morning Agenda on Power 106, Police Federation Chairman Corporal Rohan James said all police officers should be granted firearm licences.
Corporal James said the issue will have to be ironed out at a meeting at which the Federation has been invited. 
Arguing that the matter is in the interest of national security, Corporal James said the police force cannot continue to be under-resourced or have members distracted and "feeling as if they are not being given the support in order to stand as a buffer between the law abiding citizens of this country and criminal elements". 
He said it is ridiculous that the applications of police officers are being denied based on their address.
He has also taken issue with the revocation of the firearm licences of police officers who are under investigation for work-related incidents.
Corporal James suggested that if police officers are never off duty and are always expected to respond to every citizen's need, then "the state should enable us to protect ourselves in the defence of the citizens". 

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