Councillors get poor performance rating in latest poll

Nakinskie Robinson reports
By Nakinskie Robinson    
The public has painted a dreary picture of the performance of councillors across the 14 parishes.
This is according to results from the latest RJRGLEANER Communications Group commissioned Don Anderson poll where local authorities were given a negative rating.
Forty per cent of those polled branded their local representative's work as poor or very poor.
This is equal to the percentage of those who gave a failing grade to their Municipal Corporations.
Trailing close behind is the 36 per cent of respondents who say their councillors performance was average.
What could serve as either a damper or a boost in confidence for candidates, is the 24 per cent who gave a positive rating to their councillors.
The poll indicates that the best performing councillors are from St. Thomas, St. Elizabeth and St. Mary while the perceived underperformers came from Hanover and Manchester.
Listed as concerns in their respective divisions are the need for better roads, employment, water access, better drain maintenance, garbage collection, street lighting and crime and violence.
Amid several clashes between central and local government over resource allocations, the voting population was also asked about the relationship between Members of Parliament and Municipal Corporations.
Some 46 per cent expressed clear uncertainty, indicating that voters did not have enough insight on the matter.
Meanwhile, 28 per cent believe the relationship between municipal corporations and MPs is simply not good.
That is marginally higher than the 26 per cent who believe a good dynamic exists between both parties.
The poll was conducted using a sample of 1,010 registered voters, aged 18 and older.
Field work was conducted over the period February 2 to 7.

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