Dennis Meadows removed as PNP candidate for North Trelawny

The People's National Party (PNP) has removed Dennis Meadows as its provisional candidate for the Trelawny Northern constituency. 
In a statement Thursday, PNP president Mark Golding said the continuation of Mr. Meadows as candidate is "untenable in light of his egregious remarks on the platform, given that scamming is one of Jamaica‘s most serious national security challenges."
Mr. Golding suggested the action against Mr. Meadows should serve as a precedent to all who serve under his leadership. 
"We are demanding higher standards of accountability. Jamaica will no longer tolerate weak, unprincipled leaders who say one thing but do another. Jamaicans deserve better, and I will give it to them,” he said. 
In a video that has now gone viral on social media, Mr. Meadows can be heard seemingly condoning lottery scam related activities. 
"Let me tell you straight up, and me can speak openly, I have no problem with a man if him want chop because dem chop us during slavery, so nut'n no wrong if wi chop dem back...nut'n nuh wrong wid weh yah do," he said while addressing a crowd of supporters at a PNP meeting in Trelawny during the lead up to the local government election. 
The term 'chop' is commonly used in Jamaica to refer to lottery scamming.
Mr. Meadows apologised for the comments on Wednesday, but many commentators suggested an apology was not enough and the PNP needed to take action against him. 

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