Jury begins deliberation in Collymore murder trial

By Kimone Witter    
The seven-member jury in the murder trial of Omar Collymore and three co-accused are deliberating on the evidence presented over the last three months.
The jurors were sent out at 11 o'clock Wednesday morning by presiding judge, Justice Leighton Pusey, who began his summation on Monday.
Mr. Collymore is being tried for two counts of murder and conspiracy to murder, along with alleged contract killer Michael Adams, and alleged accomplices Dwayne Pink and Shaquilla Edwards, in connection with the January 2, 2018 killing of Simone Campbell-Collymore and taxi driver, Winston Walters.
The prosecution, in its closing address, told jurors that Mr. Collymore orchestrated his wife's murder so that he could benefit from her multimillion-dollar insurance policy.
Defence attorneys, on the other hand, urged the jurors to find their clients not guilty.

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