Man fatally shot allegedly by security forces in Flanker, St. James

An alleged eyewitness of the shooting
There is now a tense atmosphere in Flanker, St. James after a man was fatally shot allegedly by the security forces on Monday afternoon.
Residents are decrying the incident which occurred on Codac Drive where the polling station at Flanker Primary and Infant school is located.
An alleged eyewitness said the man was enroute to cast his ballot. 
"Mi bring mi bredda fi guh vote and dem a laugh affa mi. Mi seh a eh first him a vote, mi nah lef him headback, mi a watch him headback. First dem seh 'Oye, oye, oye!' Di likkle bwoy stand up and hold up him two hand dem suh. The police first shot him and den di soldier dem run come, shoot him again and den all when him drop a groun' dem still a put shot inna him," she alleged.  
Codac Drive has been blocked off by a military tanker, while another is blocking the entrance to the Flanker community.
There is now a strong security presence in the area. 

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