"Misinformation!" Customs Agency responds to concerns about Contact Clearance Process

By Kimone Witter
Jamaica Customs Agency says, in the coming weeks, it will be addressing misinformation in the public domain regarding the Contact Clearance Process, which is the subject of a legal challenge.
The agency says it will continue to share information regarding how the process works, how to access it, and its benefits.
Jamaica Customs says, as a result of the Interim Court Order obtained in the Supreme Court by the Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders Association of Jamaica,  the Physical Inspection Reform Initiative, Contactless Clearance Process will remain optional after tomorrow, April 2.
The Supreme court order has directed that no change be made to the current regime, pending the determination of certain matters that have been placed before it.
The JCA says it will continue to review the programme and engage with stakeholders.
It says this will ensure that it is implemented in a manner that safeguards the rights of importers, remains consistent with international best practice, and upholds the Agency's mandate with respect to trade facilitation and border protection.
Last week Thursday, the Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders Association of Jamaica was successful in blocking the April 2 implementation of the initiative.
According to court documents, the Association is adamant that the contactless system threatens to make their role and functions irrelevant by conducting the physical and intrusive inspections of containers of goods without them or the importers they represent being present.

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