Antigua & Barbuda: PM defends bias towards tourism investments

Prime Minister of Antigua & Barbuda Gaston Browne has defended the government's policy to attract investment in the tourism sector. 
The Opposition has criticised the lack of diversification of the economic mix of the country. 
But the Prime Minister has stressed that the country continues to benefit from impressive levels of investment in the tourism sector, which, according to him, is indispensable.
"There's no replacement (for) tourism," he asserted in a recent speech, adding, "those of you who believe we have maxed out our benefits from tourism, we're just peeping into that sector!"
"We need at least 10 thousand (tourism) rooms in this country; we only have four thousand," he revealed.
While lauding the continued attraction of investments in tourism, however, he conceded that "we must continue to diversify our country's economy, to ensure that we can be more self-sustaining, to manufacture more to grow more."
Ultimately though, he stressed that "tourism will continue to be the main driver of economic growth and development."

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