Fewer households receiving remittances but some receiving more

Don Anderson, head of survey firm Market Research Limited


There has been a decline in the number of  Jamaican households receiving remittances.

Don Anderson, head of Market Research Limited, which conducted the study, revealed on Tuesday that  the remittance tracking survey shows the percentage of  households receiving funds from overseas fell for two consecutive years.

"The last reported data, year to date, for 2022, has 24 per cent of households claiming that they received remittances," he revealed.
He said official data reports a slight reduction in the volume of remittances, "but it is not reflected by the significant fall-off in terms of the number of households that are receiving remittances."
That, he said, was reflective of the fact that "forty-seven percent are now saying that they are receiving more than three years ago; 33 per cent less, and 30 per cent about the same."
In summary, he said, "people are receiving more but fewer people are receiving."


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