JEF says most members not ready for June 1 return of employees

David Wan
The Jamaica Employers Federation (JEF) says feedback received from its members indicate that most will not be ready with preparations for the June 1 return of employees to the workplace.
Businesses are expected to operate within the guidelines of physical distancing and infection prevention and control amid the continued COVID-19 threat.
JEF President David Wan said because many of the employers are not yet able to have full compliance with the Health Ministry's guidelines such as the setting up of hand sanitisation stations, some workers, depending on their job function, would be allowed to continue to work from home, where it is more efficient to do so or until the businesses are prepared. 
Mr. Wan said many businesses are also willing to accommodate workers who have children at home by allowing them to "continue working remotely, wherever possible, until school resumes." 
His comments were included in a media release issued Thursday by the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ), in which it encouraged employers to exercise compassion and collaboration to facilitate as much as possible, work from home or flexible working arrangements.
In the meantime, the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) has said it is concerned employers might see the expiration of the stay at home orders as a directive to call employees back into the workplace without adequate safety measures.
PSOJ President Keith Duncan said businesses which are not currently able to provide proper protection for the workforce and customers must invest in the required changes before reopening.
He explained that going back to work is not about a date, but state of readiness.
Mr. Duncan has encouraged businesses to make use of flexible work arrangements, including work from home, telecommuting and a flexible work week to facilitate employees.

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