30 more businesses to be prosecuted for breaching plastic ban - Vaz

Daryl Vaz as well as Opposition Spokesman on the Environment Dr. Fenton Ferguson
Daryl Vaz, Minister without portfolio in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, has said 30 more businesses are to be prosecuted for breaches of the ban on single-use plastics.
Mr. Vaz, who gave the update as he spoke Tuesday afternoon in the House of Representatives, said six businesses have already been fined for those breaches. 
He said warning notices were issued to non-compliant persons and companies before enforcement action was taken.  
Styrofoam ban
Meanwhile, Mr. Vaz said the Government has turned its attention to the enforcement of the styrofoam ban.
He said the government is currently monitoring the manufacturing and distribution of styrofoam, with the help of manufacturers "who would obviously have stock out in the trade...which would have been out there prior to the ban."
Broken promises 
In the meantime, Opposition Spokesman on the Environment Dr. Fenton Ferguson said the government has broken some of its promises in relation to the ban on single-use plastics, including a commitment to compensate some businesses.
"There were promises that companies that would have had additional or excess material, that the government would have intervened and those companies would have benefitted from some kind of support - monetary or otherwise - and it is my own information that in a number of instances that has not happened," he asserted. 
Dr. Ferguson said companies have also been unable to make use of promised loans for re-tooling.
In response, Mr. Vaz stated that the government is still working out its position in relation to compensation for companies.
He said he should be able to provide an update before the end of this fiscal year. 

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