Agriculture Ministry sets out measures to prevent spread of Panama disease to Jamaica

Audley Shaw
Measures have been outlined by the Agriculture Ministry to prevent the spread of the Panama Disease to Jamaica. 
A strain of the fungus, which can wipe out banana crops, was detected in Colombia, in July.
Agriculture Minister Audley Shaw on Tuesday told the House of Representatives that the decision was made to prohibit banana and plantain imports.
Two major preventative measures are also being undertaken. 
He said steps have been taken to introduce disinfection mats at international airports and cruise ship piers for travellers to disinfect their shoes before entering Jamaica.
In addition, the Banana Board "has already established a diagnostic laboratory to conduct early identification of the disease so that they are able to respond quickly should this disease reach our shores," Mr. Shaw revealed.   
In January, a new policy was implemented for used car dealers to ensure that vehicles are cleaned, pre-inspected and certified free from soil before entering Jamaica. 

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