Cabinet seeking more information in Petrojam scandal before taking action

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says an announcement will be made in a matter of  days on what action will be taken in the wake of  allegations of  mismanagement and corruption at the State-run oil refinery Petrojam.
In a statement late last night in the House of  Representatives, the Prime Minister gave details on the outcome of  Cabinet's deliberations on Monday after receiving a preliminary report from the Energy Ministry on the operations of  the refinery.
Mr. Holness told the House that the focus now is on fact finding to determine the next move.
The Prime gave the assurance that he will act once he has all the information. He said the information will be shared with the Auditor General which is now conducting a probe into the operations of  Petrojam. Mr. Holness added that other independent bodies are also investigating activities at the oil refinery.
The Prime Minister explained why the decision was made for the Public Accountability Inspectorate of  the Ministry of  Finance to look into Petrojam's operations.
As the Petrojam crisis deepened yesterday members of  the Major Organised Crime and Anti-corruption agency, MOCA, and a team from the Integrity Commission went to the oil refinery. The teams seized documents and computers.
And the Opposition has strongly rejected the position taken by the Prime Minister in relation to the Petrojam situation.During the Parliamentary sitting last night, Opposition Leader Dr Peter Phillips complained that the statement given by the Prime Minister fell way below what is expected under the circumstances.
Dr Phillips argued that based on what is already in the public domain should be enough for strong action to be taken. He repeated his call for action to be taken as far as in the Cabinet. He pointed to facts including an absentee Board Chairman and the failure of the Board to meet over 9 months. 

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