Clansman/One Don Gang Trial: State witness recounts murder in Spanish Town bus park

A state witness in the One Don Gang Trial on Monday testified that a bus driver was killed in the Spanish Town bus park because he refused to pay extortion money and was encouraging his colleagues to do the same. 
The witness said two members of the One Don Gang had complained that the bus driver was hampering efforts to collect money.
The witness said he, the alleged gang leader Andre "Blackman" Bryan, and another gang member planned the hit. 
He claimed that one of the gang members suggested that the hitman wear a khaki uniform as a disguise.
The witness said the hitman told him that he shot the bus driver in front of the police.
Unsuccessful plot 
The former gangster also recounted an unsuccessful plot to kill a member of one faction of the Clansman Gang.
The witness testified that three guns, which were to be used in the hit, were hidden in a woman's handbag.
The woman reportedly carried the firearms from Spanish Town to Ewarton in St. Catherine. 
The former gangster told the court that the woman was accompanied by six members of the One Don Gang, including Mr. Bryan and the lone female accused, Stephanie Christie.
The witness said, when they arrived in Ewarton, one of the gang members went to a party to search for the target. However, he was not found.
The witness said the group then returned to Spanish Town. 

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