Cops warned not to accept bribes for breaches of Road Traffic Act

With the new Road Traffic Act set to become law soon, a strong warning has come from the acting Commissioner of Police to both police officers and motorists not to engage in corrupt activities in relation to breaches of the legislation.
Acting Commissioner Clifford Blake issued the warning in light of  what he says are discussions surrounding the passage of the Bill in the House of Representatives and the concerns of citizens regarding the possible conduct of members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) when it becomes law.
He said the concern is that police officers will be enticed to request and accept bribes from motorists, given that the penalties for breaches will be significantly higher.
The Acting Commissioner, in a statement Thursday afternoon, reminded police officers that the acceptance of bribes is a breach of the Corruption Prevention Act and the organisation's policies on the conduct of members.
Mr. Blake said there will be robust monitoring and the strongest possible actions will be taken in cases where this act of criminality is reported or detected.
He also gave the reminder that any member of the public, who attempts to bribe a police officer in exchange for avoiding a ticket, will be prosecuted.

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