Dr. Carolyn Gomes resigns from Jamaicans for Justice

Dr. Carolyn Gomes, former Executive Director of Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ), has resigned from the board of the human rights advocacy group.

This was confirmed a short while ago by representatives of JFJ on RJR's Beyond the Headlines, in an interview with host Dionne Jackson Miller.

This development coincides with JFJ's apology for its role in introducing what has been deemed "age-inappropriate" sex education material in a number of private children's homes.

JFJ, in a statement on Tuesday afternoon, said it had taken full responsibility for not vetting the contents of  the sex education programme. The organization, in its statement, said the pilot programme was concluded last month.

It apologised to its programme partner, FAMPLAN, which it said was unaware of the inclusion of  the controversial material.

JFJ also apologised to other stakeholders for not clearing with them the programme content prior to its release. It acknowledged as well that a breakdown in its in-house vetting regime occurred, and said immediate safeguards have been reinstituted to prevent a recurrence.

Dr. Gomes was Executive Director of JFJ at the start of implementation of the sex education programme.




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