FBI intensifying involvement in SSL fraud probe

Dr. Nigel Clarke
By Prince Moore/Clinton McGregor 
Finance Minister Dr. Nigel Clarke has disclosed that the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is intensifying its involvement in the investigations into the massive fraud at investment firm, Stocks and Securities Limited (SSL).
Dr. Clarke said local investigators were already collaborating with the FBI when he made the announcement last week about seeking international help to probe the fraud.
He said several meetings have been taking place involving the FBI, and based on developments, the US investigative body will deepen its involvement in the case. 
The Finance Minister added that plans are in place to contract international forensic experts to supplement the work of local law enforcement agencies.
He said the government has already identified a firm and is making funds available to employ their services. 
FID making progress
The Financial Investigations Division (FID), one of the local bodies involved in the fraud probe, has said it is making steady progress in its investigation into the massive fraud at SSL.
Selvin Hay, head of the FID, said investigators have been gathering the necessary evidence to bring possible charges in the case.
A number of statements have been collected.
Mr. Hay added that investigators have been digging for evidence despite the reported confession statement by Jean-Ann Panton, the former SSL Client Relationship Manager at the centre of the SSL saga.
He said FBI agents have been assisting local law enforcement in the probe and the country will know more about the case in the coming week.

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